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Company for Doctors and Nurses

What We Do?

QuickAssert Healthcare is committed to the Healthcare Industry and enabling our Clients to consistently execute on their Mission of Patient Care. We provide our Clients with a proven methodology and access to a network of the best Physicians to execute on your Mission of Patient Care.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

A Professional, Consultative approach to Recruitment Services, offering Assistance and Advice.

Consultation regarding Nationwide demand for Specific Specialties

Detailed Opportunity Introductions

Follow-up to ensure a smooth Recruitment and Selection Process.

Solutions for Healthcare Employers

Success of the Recruitment Program and Healthcare facility is impacted by the Experience, Knowledge, and Integrity of the Recruitment Firm, when your choice is QuickAssert Healthcare, you benefit from our :

Experience in Direct Hire International Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, Hiring, Immigration, credentialing, and relocation processes – all for One Flat Fee.

Management and Staff with decades of experience in Healthcare Management and Recruitment.

Team is well-versed in handling unique Staffing and Placement Challenges.

Long-Standing and established record of Professional, Ethical dealings – both with our Clients and our Applicants.

Single Point of Contact Model, through a Designated and Dedicated Recruitment Team.

QuickAssert Healthcare Advantages

Faster Time to Fill

Find International and Locally available Doctors, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals.

Quality Professionals

Applicants are pre-screened to meet Job’s needs and Employers

Transparent Pricing

Pricing is transparent and does not include any upfront Costs.

Ethical Standards of Recruitment Services

QuickAssert Healthcare Limited are constantly trying to live up to our reputation as a Company with strong moral values. In conducting our daily business, we follow ethical guidelines to protect our Customers, Candidates, and all other involved Parties from exploitation and discrimination.

QuickAssert Healthcare work in compliance with the foremost set of ethical standards in the industry. We strive to continuously improve ourselves and the services we provide, and we pledge to set the highest possible standards for our line of work.

We value your opinion and are always interested in hearing feedback from our Customers, Partners and Candidates regarding your experiences with our Company and impression of our ethical ambitions.

QuickAssert Healthcare Limited stay committed to a set of ethical guidelines for international Recruitment of Healthcare Personnel.

QuickAssert Healthcare Limited offer Recruitment activities to United Kingdom Hospitals in full accordance with the standards and guidelines of NHS, United Kingdom.

Guarantee that all Recruitments and signings are legally valid and on reasonable terms.

Inform the Candidate in detail about the offered terms and conditions: Working Hours, Tasks, Expected Income, Duties and Duty Remuneration, Termination terms etc.

Inform Candidates in writing about expectations and requirements prior to Employment.

Comply with the laws and professional guidelines in relation to the psychological screening of candidates.

Make sure that the Recruitment Process is transparent and provides all parties with realistic expectations about the future.

We encourage our Customers, Competitors, and Stakeholders to participate in the ongoing dialogue about ethics in our field.

Your Long Term Partner

Our incomparable Quality of Our Service, Industry Expertise, and Candidate Sourcing, helps make us a Long-Term Partner to Hospitals.