Building True Partnerships

About QuickAssert Healthcare

QuickAssert Healthcare is one of the United Kingdom’s Principal Healthcare Service Provider for placing Healthcare Professionals into NHS and works in Partnership with a wide range of Hospitals across the United Kingdom.

Offering substantive Permanent Recruitment Solutions for Doctors, Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals in all
Grades and Specialities.

QuickAssert Health Staff Solutions has matched Healthcare Employers with experienced Qualified Doctors, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals.

Our Vision

At QuickAssert Healthcare, we recognize the barriers that make it difficult for Candidates to find fulfilling work and for Hospitals to find Quality Specialists. We believe that there is a better way to connect Candidates and Jobs. A transparent way that trusts Candidates from diverse backgrounds. An equitable way that offers everyone broad job opportunities with best-in-class protections. A versatile way that provides flexibility for the dreamer and consistent work for anyone who wants stability.

We are passionate about solving these problems with a direct hire recruitment platform that empowers candidates to choose work that works for them instead of the other way around.